Senior Parent Donations

The All Night Graduation Party is not hosted, managed, or funded by Westwood Schools. PTO Dues and Class Dues do not fund the ANGP. The funds for the ANGP are raised entirely by fundraisers, sponsorships, and contributions from community members, local businesses, and the Westwood School families.

Please consider supporting the Westwood Community and the ANGP by attending a fundraiser or giving a tax-deductible donation in the form of a Sponsorship or a Donation.

How can a senior parent help?

A suggested donation of $100 from every senior family is requested. Please consider donating to help make this a memorable and safe night for your senior. Remember to use the ‘matching donation’ button to see if your company will match your donation.

Senior Parent Participation

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Senior Yard Signs – Make your donation early and get a 2024 Westwood Graduate Lawn sign!

How else can you help?

  • Volunteer. Go HERE for more information to volunteer.
  • Sponsorship. Own or work at a company that may be interested in Sponsoring the ANGP? Go HERE for more information on sponsorship.
  • Fundraising Events. Attend and get your friends and family to come! Go HERE for a list of events.
  • Donate. Mention the ANGP to friends, family members, and Westwood community members. Make sure they know what it is and how they can help support it.